Michael Boles, 2019-2020 EMO Governor


Welcome Optimist Family!!!


We've just turned the page on the 100th year of Optimism. A century of service to the youth of the world. 

Now the dawn breaks on the next chapter and it's time for us to head into the next century with the energy and hope that only new endeavors can hold. As your Governor, I intend to lead by asking one simple question. "How I can help?" It is important that this first year, of the next hundred years, takes on a look much the same as when we started. With the great and storied East Missouri District of Optimist International being a beacon of hope, innovation and a commitment to not only serving the youth in our communities but serving each other as well. 

We will set our sights on Engagement at a new unprecedented level. Our new Awards & Achievements points structure will place greater emphasis on service in your community and involvement in our great organization. Our Conferences will be more interactive. Our training will focus on current needs as well as preparing us for the changing landscape of the future. Clubs will receive focused attention. Our members will be celebrated in our new Recognition program. And finally, we will improve our social media impact and meet the need to market on those platforms more effectively. 

It is a great time to be an Optimist! As we head into this next century of Optimism, we will do so knowing full well the difficulties of changing to stay relevant in our new world without sullying the traditions of the past. Friends, change is difficult. But NOT changing is fatal. If we are to emerge as the premier service organization in the world, we must start here at home but also be willing to reach beyond our comfort zones. We owe it to the Optimists that have went before us to pick up the fight and charge forth into brave new territory to ensure their legacy. In other words, We have the opportunity to positively impact our local communities, our zones, our District and beyond. Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer, and no force as mighty as that of army of Optimists on a mission to change the world! 

Thank you for your Dedication and Service. 

"Together We Can, Together We Will"

~Michael Boles