Governor’s Welcome

 2013 Emo Convention 095

 To my fellow Optimist Members of Eastern Missouri:

Welcome to EMO 2013-2014. I am Daniel E. Rothe, Governor for this term and I am looking forward to a fun and fantastic year as we grow our Eastern District of Missouri.

I have already set some goals, which are listed elsewhere in the directory; I have also tried to place some key people in positions to accomplish great things this year. So if I have asked you to help with anything, I am confident you will do your best to make this a successful year in helping to bring out the best in our kids of EMO.

I have arranged training sessions for each of our three Conferences; I hope everyone will be able to attend.  I would like to keep up the momentum that Past Governor Larry Ream achieved during his 2012-13 term and would like to join with our district members as we move onto the next level, in our growing our Optimist communities, in both more new clubs and more new members in each of our existing clubs.

I am always interested in hearing about new ideas, you may have, and alternative ways to make our district a more vibrant and fun place to grow Optimism so as to become more visible, in a positive manner, where ever our journey takes us.

Our theme this year is “A Look at the Sunny Side” as taken from our Optimist creed. I had a banner made up, which we raised for the first time this year, at the St. Louis St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I plan to bring this to the district meetings to liven up the atmosphere at the Embassy Suites.

I have talked to our International President, Ron Huxley,  and he is willing to help us achieve anything we desire to achieve. With the cooperation of Optimists locally and worldwide we can make great things happen for the betterment of our world.


Daniel Rothe, Governor

10020 Canterbury Farms Court

St. Louis, MO 63128

RES: (314) 849-2246

Cell: (314) 706-8213

Home Club: St. Louis Southside

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