Governor’s Welcome

                                                                             Governor, East Missouri District-

                                       Optimist International:

                                       Charles J. Schuder (Rebecca)

                                       1231 Grandview Drive

                                       Kirkwood, MO  63122

                                       (314)239-4507 or (314) 966-9946


I am pleased to be part of our East Missouri Optimist Family.  I feel privileged to assist you as your Governor of our District.  Thank you for the confidence you’ve placed in me.

Why do we do all the things we do?  It’s for the kids.  When I joined the Kirkwood Optimist Club several years ago, I knew that is the purpose of our association of clubs, but I also remember the first time I went to a District conference. I experienced a strong emotional reaction to the extent, scope, and dedication we all give to that purpose.  I came to a new realization of the simple fact that our children are our hope for the future, and for the future of all humankind.

So how do we go about caring for our kids?  Well, as parents, we nurture them, provide or their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  We raise them, help them become good, productive, compassionate adults.  We protect them from all manner of dangers as well as we can.  And as Optimists, we help all parents provide that sustenance, guidance, and shelter for them.

I am convinced that the more Optimists we have, the better we can accomplish that mission.  Therefore, it’s important to help our clubs grow, and to build new clubs, especially in places where there are no nearby Optimist clubs.  Our International president, Nick Prillaman, personally asked me to grow at least one new club in the first quarter of this Optimist year, and two more in each of the following three quarters, a total of at least seven new clubs.  At the Optimist International Convention in Albuquerque this past July, I promised Nick that we would.  It sounds like a big order, but we can do it.  I know that because I’ve assembled a group of especially talented men and women who all have dedicated themselves to help build new clubs, each in his or her own special way.  Nick didn’t just give us the challenge.  He has also provided the East Missouri District with a special gift.  We will have extra training resources, giving us the chance to learn about Optimist Strong, Nick’s program for growing Optimism.  His enthusiasm for this program is something to see.

I have., with the help of many people, planned a strong training program for our members, from giving tips on how to make your year as a Club President or a Lt. Governor easier, to challenging new Optimists with our Catch A Rising Star program.  We have left a little extra room in our training plans so that you can ask for training in some other topic that interests you or your club

As you look through this Directory, you will see the names of committee chairpersons whose specialties you can use.  Every committee in this District has something to contribute. Of course, there are special committees for membership and new club building, but we also have lots of important extras.  We encourage a little friendly competition through the A & A program, chaired by Pat Brauner.  We have folks who can help with both individual personal growth and club fitness.  We have people who will help us cement our enthusiasm with activities and fellowship during our conferences and convention, without which we would find it more difficult to maintain our dedication to the tasks we face.  We have activities wherein we interact directly with the kids, from the Junior Optimist program, to Junior Golf, to Oratorical, and so on.  We have . . . well, you get the idea.  Look through this directory.  Call on these folks and ask for their ideas and assistance.  Be creative.  And have fun doing it.

After all, it’s for the kids.                                                                    Charles J. (Chuck) Schuder Governor 2017-18

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