Governor’s Welcome

2nd Quarter 2010-2011 137 (72)bGovernor Helen B. Niemira (Thad)
4924 Sutherland Ave
St. Louis, MO 63109
Home: (314) 351-1832
Cell: (314) 835-6452
Home Club: St. Louis Southside

Welcome to EMO 2014-2015. I am Helen B. Niemira, Governor for this term. I am looking forward to working with all of you to make this a great year for the East Missouri Optimist District. Along the way, I hope we can charter new clubs and enlist new members. The most important thing to do this year, however, is for each of us to grow as Optimists. If each of us is the best Optimist we can be, then everything else will work as well.

Each of our conferences is going to be in a different part of the District. Our Second Quarter meeting in February will be a joint meeting in Jefferson City with West Missouri District to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the day when Missouri had so many Optimist Clubs that we needed two districts!

I am planning to have training sessions at all the Conferences. Please let me know if there is a subject you would like covered, and I will do my best to get it done.

If you have an idea, or a wish, or a concern, or even a brainstorm, please let me know. If your club is having an event and you wouldn’t mind having me show up, be sure to let me know. I would love to meet as many of us as possible.

Our theme this year is “Expect Only the Best!” This is a line from the Optimist Creed, but I’ve actually stolen it from our International President, Ken Garner. I know that if we all work together, we can make East Missouri District of Optimist International the BEST in the world!

Thank you and
Happy New Optimist Year!

Helen B. Niemira, Governor

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