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Zone: 1 (Lt. Gov: Patricia E Brauner)

Zone: 2 (Lt. Gov: Ed Musterman)

Zone: 3  (Lt. Gov: Ernie Wren)

Zone: 4  (Lt. Gov: Elwood Doss, Jr.)

  • 30397 Sikeston, Mo
  • 11215 Martin Breakfast, TN
  • 30524 Poplar Bluff, Mo
  • 30542 Oran, Mo

Zone: 5  (Lt. Gov: Jill Cooksey)

Zone: 6  (Lt. Gov: Cynthia Schwab)

Zone: 9  (Lt. Gov: Liz Christman)

Zone: 10  (Lt. Gov: Michael B Boles)

Zone: 11  (Lt. Gov: Lauri Spain)

JOOI Clubs


  • A0254 Cape Girardeau Junior Optimist Club (30085); Cape Girardeau
  • A1760 Junior Optimist Society (30165); Festus
  • A2040 Peer Ambassadors Club of St. Charles; (30377) St. Charles
  • A1883 Junior Optimist Club Of Fayette (30171); Fayette
  • A2141 Downtown St. Louis Junior Optimist Club(30390) St. Louis
  • A2152 Impact(30558) St. Clair


  • B2240 Sikeston High School;(30397) Sikeston
  • B0116 Rolla H.s. (30370); Rolla
  • B2106 Fayette High School Junior Optimist Club (30171); Fayette
  • B2269 O’Fallen Junior High School Junior Optimist Club(30295) O’Fallen
  • B2291 Lutheran South High School Junior Optimist Club(30225) St. Louis
  • Washington High School Optimist (30500) Washington

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